Hypalon Properties

Ultra Violet, Ozone and Weather resistance

hypalon ultra violet resistance

Natural aging or oxidation of rubber products is accelerated out of doors by the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays.
Tests show Hypalon Inflatables have a slow rate of oxidation degradation.
Thanks to the exceptional characteristics of its outer layer which protects from ageing,
Hypalon coated Inflatable Tubes offer a wide range of light fast colours.
Under actual exposure conditions, coated fabric samples of Hypalon were weathered for more than 10 years without any noticeable discoloration.

Fire resistance

hypalon fire resistance

Thanks to the rubber base, Hypalon Inflatable tubes retain all of their properties even when accidentally exposed to excessive heat.

Mechanical resistance

hypalon mechanical resistance

The combination of a high tenacity fabric and an outstanding coating, give Hypalon Inflatable Tubes a very high level of mechanical resistance.

Abrasion resistance

hypalon abrasion resistance

The chemical formula of the Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) layer makes Hypalon Inflatable Tubes very abrasive resistant.

Hydrocarbon resistance

hypalon hydro carbon resistance

Thanks to its outstanding quality and performance, Hypalon is highly recommended for antipollution barriers and oil recovery barges.
This assures you that Hypalon Inflatables are resistant oils in surface water or spillage onboard.

Extreme condition resistance

hypalon extreme

Hypalon is intended for the leisure, professional and military markets. It meets the highest requirements for safe navigation in the most extreme conditions.


hypalon flexibility

Their flexibility permitting an easy manufacturing and nice curves and cores.


hypalon gluability

Hypalon Inflatable tubes are easily glued with the correct Neoprene glues, making them relatively simple
to repair providing the correct preparation is observed.