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Currently this document relates solely to this website and email transmission Privacy Policy. In future this document may be updated to include our companies wider privacy policy. Until then please contact our offices for Tilley Inflatable Design and Engineering’s wider privacy policy relating to GDPR (see below).


The General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) is a European wide law which came into affect in May 2018. It requires all businesses or individuals who are collecting user data in some form or other to maintain a data privacy policy for their users data. We  must be able to show that we have taken reasonable steps to protect any data we have collected from our users and to inform them what we are doing with their data. Hence this document.

Web sites are now a prime source of data collection and they should be as secure as is reasonably possible. Read on to find out what does to protect your data as best it can and also what you can do.
You may also like to read the following websites information expalining what GDPR is, how it is interpreted by the Information Commisioners Office ( ICO ) in the UK and what the ICO requirements for compliance are. All good bedtime reading.


Firstly we use encryption. All of the pages at use encryption to transfer all data to and from your browser and our webserver. This prevents any third party from intercepting the transmission and being able to read what it contains.
You should always see the little padlock in the url bar at the top of your browser. If not then please inform us

Where possible we also use encryption to send and receive emails. Where possible means where the mail server we are sending to or receiving email from is encryption enabled. Our mail servers are encryption enabled. Both the sending and receiving mail servers need to be encryption enabled for email transmission to be encrypted. Where the other sending or receiving mail server is not encryption enabled, the email transmission will not be encrypted. Most professional email services are encryption enabled these days but not all. We have no control over this.


We use cookies to aid us with statistical information on our sites usage. We do not store any personal information in those cookies. also uses third party plugins such as YouTube. We do not control how these third party plugins use cookies but none of them collect any of your personal data without your consent and will therefore not store any of your personal data without your consent except possibly your IP number, which unless it is a static IP number, is not likely traceable to you and even then only indirectly from third party cookies or plugins which connect with other data sources where you have provided your personal details.
First Party cookies are those created on your device under our domain name. Third Party cookies are created on your device under a different domain name as a result of embedding external/third party web content in our website. For example, a YouTube hosted video.
This site will continue to work just fine even if you have blocked first and third party cookies in your browser settings although we recommend blocking just third party cookies in your browsers settings which will block embedded externally hosted content from creating cookies on your PC/Device.
We do not create our tracking cookies on your device if you do not hit the ‘Got it’ button.

View this YouTube video for a good introduction on why some cookies can be problematic: What is a cookie

First Party cookies that we create are:

DEVICE_ID First Party cookie used for website statistics. It contains no user personal information. Only gets created if you press ‘Got It’.
SESSION_ID First Party cookie used for website statistics. It contains no user personal information. Only gets created if you press ‘Got It’.
cookie_notice_accepted First Party cookie used for hiding the cookie notice bar at bottom of screen. Only gets created if you press ‘Got It’.

Third party cookies created as a result of presence of YouTube Video

Third Party cookies created by YouTube. Only get created if you visit a page with an embedded YouTube video on it. Contents unknown but since there are no cookies with personal data in them it can’t have any personal data from with exception of IP number which is not directly traceable to you.
Third Party cookies created by as a result of presence of Youtube video on page. Content unknown.

Disabling third party cookies in your browser will stop creation of all these third party cookies. It will have no effect on functioning of this website if you do disable third party cookies.

Website Log files and IP numbers

All webservers store log files of page / file accesses of each website. Those log files contain your IP number. We have no control over this.
The log files are stored in our webhosts secure data centre and are not accessible by any third party except our webhost themselves who we have to trust. Infact the vast majority of websites are hosted by the companies external webhosts. This is normal and those EU webhosts are obliged to conform to the same GDPR rules as we are. Our webhosts and their servers are located in the UK.
We use those log files to produce our websites usage statistics. What goes into the log files is added to through our use of cookies. The logs are not shared with any third party and are not accessible from the world wide web. We make no attempts to trace the IP numbers to users. We only trace the country of the IP number.
Note: IP numbers are only directly traceable to your internet service provider and not you as the end user so they are not  a cause of concern providing they are not being linked to third party cookies which from our log files they are not. Providing your Internet Service Provder is an EU company they will be bound by the same GDPR rules as we are.

Personal Data

Except for Log Files (above), the only page where we collect any personal data from a user on is the contact us page. The personal data from this page is used solely to email that data to us. It is not otherwise stored in cookies or any retrieval system such as a database by website.
It will however be stored in our email system at our offices having passed through our webhosts who also provide our email services.

So, in short, you need have no fears of how your data is being used by since we don’t store it where it can be got at. The only thing we keep is IP numbers in our log files which aren’t accessible from the world wide web and aren’t traceable to you, and also anything you happen to email to us which is also not accessible from the world wide web/internet and is usually encrypted during transmission to our mail servers. The only thing which is a potential concern are third party cookies which you can block in your browser as we have already recommended above.
We do not share any of your personal data with any third parties.

If you are happy with steps / explanation taken to keep your personal information secure as detailed above, then hit the “GOT IT” button at the bottom of screen and continue with your visit to

Thank you.