RibTec RIBs

Tilley Inflatables RibTec repair services, RIB Retubing, RIB Retube using Hypalon Fabric, RIB Tube Replacement, RIB Tube Repair, RIB Refurbishment, Seat Re-upholstering,

While your RibTec is with us for retubing we can also carry out Fibreglass and Hull Repair, Electrical system maintenance and rib boat engine maintenance tasks.

We can also supply Hypalon Fabric and RIB Accessories including materials and glues for DIY rib repairs

We aim to be very competitive on rib re-tubing cost so please contact us for a no obligation retube price quote for your RibTec RIB.

Links to some RibTec boats we have worked on:
Ribtec 655 Retube
RibTec 655 Refurb
RibTec 535 Search and Rescue Boat
Ribtec 7 mtr Family Sports RIB Tubes
Ribtec 7 mtr Hypalon RIB Tubes
Ribtec 7 mtr New RIB Tubes
RibTec Superyacht Tender RIB Retube for Mayan Queen
Ribtec 8.5 mtr Luxury Yacht Tender RIB Tubes
Ribtec 8.5 mtr Superyacht RIB Tender

Ribtec 655 RIB Refurb

Ribtec 655 RIB Refurb

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